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Cottonwood Wash Camping
March 26, 2016

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This is the first spot.  You can see Notom Bullfrog Basin Road in the backg...This is the third and nicest spot.  You probably wouldn't want to camp ther...This pano shows all three sites.  Notom Bullfrog Basin Road is on the far r...This is the second/middle spot (and you can see the first on the far right)...
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There is some really nice camping in Cottonwood Wash just off Notom Bullfrog Basin Road. There are basically three spots and they get better further from Notom Bullfrog Basin Road.

The first spot is directly off the road. It's big and has a nice cottonwood stand, but it's right on the road.

The second is a hundred yards down the wash. You can park a single car the south side of the road and pitch a tent / build a fire on the north side.

The last spot is another hundred yards down the wash but it requires driving through some relatively deep, loose sand. If you have 4wd with just a bit of clearance then it's no big deal. I have seen a Subaru Forest drive it no problem but I didn't have the courage to drive our no-clearance 2wd minivan to it. This spot has room for many tents/vehicles.

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