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Headquarters Canyon
March 28, 2016

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This was my least favorite canyon of our 2016 Spring Break trip. Unlike almost all of the canyons which seemed to be scoured clean by flash floods, Headquarters Canyon had a lot of scraggly shrubbery in it that you had to continually push through. Plus there was a lot of loose boulders that had to be climbed over. Unlike the fun scrambling in other slot canyons, this just seemed tedious.

That said, there were some cool narrow sections. We were turned back by narrow section that terminated in a head wall. A determined scrambler can chimney up this and proceed a little further (but not much). I was within one challenging move of making it over this obstacle, but lost my nerve. Had I been a little more practiced, and been a bit braver, I could have made it. However there was no way my sons could have made, and no way I could have helped them make it.

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