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Grand Wash
March 29, 2016

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The weather was a bit dodgy (chilly, breezy and snow flurries) so I didn't want to undertake something very long or committing.

My dad was feeling pretty spent from the previous days' hikes so he offered to perform as shuttle driver. He dropped us off at the upper trailhead and met us at the bottom. This made the hike an extremely mellow 3-mile affair. The views were nice and we even saw some desert bighorn sheep.

For stronger hikers/runners an excellent loop could be made by starting at the Grand Wash Trailhead and heading down Grand Wash. When you get to Highway 24 head up the highway for less than a mile and the catch the Cohab Canyon Trail. Go up that a bit until you hit Frying Pan Trail. Frying Pan Trail will take you back to the Grand Wash Trailhead via Cassidy Arch. This whole loop should be about 10 miles and I imagine that it is pretty much all runable.

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