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North Traverse Peak
July 2, 2004

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Kane hikes toward our campsite....Shot of the large meadow above the cabin....A nice cascade in Bighorn Creek....Kane and Jon hike up toward the Bighorn Creek valley toward the saddle nort...Looking up at the head of the Bighorn Creek valley....Kane and Jon scramble up a gully to reach the saddle north of North Travers...View of "Climbers Point" from North Traverse Peak's north ridge....Jon nears North Traverse Peak's north ridge....North Traverse Peak....View of Keller Mountain from near the summit of North Traverse Peak....Looking into the heart of the Gores from North Traverse Peak....Shot of "Skiers Point" and "Climbers Point" from the summit of North Traver...The north end of "The Grand Traverse."...Jon and Kane descend North Traverse Peak....Kane stands atop one of the gendarmes on North Traverse Peak's north ridge....Some pretty flowers....Bighorn Creak meanders down the valley....This little pond provided a great place to rest after the day's hiking....Sunset on North Traverse Peak....
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