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Blanca Peak - Gash Ridge
September 17, 2006

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We were dismayed to find Gash Ridge and Blanca's North Face coated in fresh...We set up camp at probably the most fantastic site I've ever camped at....This was the first time Fabio had *ever* been camping so he had fun playing...The view of Blanca's North Face from our camp site was incredible....We made a drastic route finding error during the approach to Gash Ridge. In...Me nearing the ridge proper. The difficulty eased up at the top but it was ...View of the Huerfano River valley after we'd extricated ourselves from the ...After we made it to the relative security of the ridge proper we were all r...View of Blanca's south ridge. At first we thought this might be the Little ...Mount Lindsey....Fabio rappels down Gash Ridge....Me rappelling down Gash Ridge....Michael downclimbing Gash Ridge....Me downclimbing Gash Ridge with unnamed lakes below....Fabio downclimbs Gash Ridge....After we got down to where we should have gained the ridge we were faced wi...
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