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Flattop Mountain - Dragon's Tooth Couloir
April 7, 2007

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The weather was really foreboding when we started off.  Visibility was only...To our surprise we popped up through the low-lying cloud layer a couple hun...Jeff and Fabio near the first little rock step....Jeff above the first little rock step....Jeff and Fabio near the midpoint in Dragon's Tooth Couloir....Jeff and Fabio get closer to the crux - the vertical step with the sheer sn...We were home free after the crux.  Although overall Dragon's Tooth is proba...Jeff and Fabio near the top of the Dragon's Tooth Couloir....
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In 2006 we kicked off the snow climbing season with Dragon's Tail Couloir so it seemed fitting to kick off the 2007 season with its neighbor - Dragon's Tooth Couloir. The big difference between 2007 and 2006 is we're starting a month earlier! The conditions in the couloir were near perfect and the weather turned out to be awesome too (even though it didn't look good in the beginning). We had a blast! Bring on the snow!

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