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Ypsilon Mountain - Donner Ridge
July 31, 2004

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Ypsilon Mountain reflected in Chipmunk Lake....Nelson hikes up the valley between Ypsilon and Chiquita. One would take a r...View of Mount Chiquita....A large herd of Bighorn Sheep crossed our path. There must have been more t...Looking up at the head of the valley between Chiquita and Ypsilon....Nelson ascends Ypsilon's south face to achieve Donner Ridge....Nelson negotiates some grassy ledges on the way to Donner Ridge....Looking down at Spectacle Lakes from Donner Ridge....Shot of "The Aces" of Blitzen Ridge. These are the crux of Blitzen Ridge an...View of the left branch of the Y Couloir....Looking down the left branch of the Y Couloir....View of Donner Ridge from near the summit of Ypsilon Mountain....View of Blitzen Ridge from near the summit of Ypsilon Mountain....View of Desolation Peak from the summit of Ypsilon Mountain....Looking down Donner Ridge....Spectacle Lakes....Nelson took off his pack to creep out to the ridge proper. The hope was tha...After downclimbing the ledge system on the south face of Donner Ridge we on...After getting stymied by Donner Ridge we backtracked a bit and decided to h...Nelson climbs down the last stretch of the gully. On the way down we found ...Looking back up at the gully we downclimbed to get back to the valley floor...Looking back up at Donner Ridge. The section that stymied us was slightly t...
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