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Sundog - Sunshine Peak - Redcloud Peak Loop
July 30, 2005

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It took me about an hour of hiking to break through timberline on Sundog's ...Looking back down Sundog's Northwest Ridge from less than halfway up....Closing in on Sundog's summit. Although the Northwest Ridge of Sundog was m...View of Sunshine Peak from near the summit of Sundog....Looking back at Sundog from near the summit of Sunshine Peak....View of Redcloud Peak from the summit of Sunshine Peak. The traverse across...View of Sundog from the Sunshine-Redcloud saddle. Sundog makes an exellent ...View of Sunshine Peak from the summit of Redcloud Peak....View of Uncompahgre Peak from the summit of Redcloud Peak....UN 13,561 (left) and UN 13,832 (right) as seen from Redcloud's Northeast Ri...Looking back at Redcloud Peak from near its saddle with UN 13,561....Looking down into the Silver Creek Basin....There were quite a few wildflowers in the Silver Creek Basin....A Columbine....Looking up at Grizzly Gulch and Handies Peak from near the trailhead....
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