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South Saint Vrain Canyon - Upper Infirmary Slabs
July 10, 2005

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There was a really nice flat spot below Upper Infirmary Slabs for us to spr...Julie works a flake on Emergency Entrance (5.6+)....Julie lowers off Emergency Entrance (5.6+)....Sam belays Kara on Emergency Entrance (5.6+)....Julie tries the start, and arguably the crux, of Remission (5.7+)....Me on Remission (5.7+)....Julie on Remission (5.7+)....Kara follows Charles up Little Flatiron Left (5.6)....Kara thrashes around in I.V. League (5.7)....Me thrashing around in I.V. League (5.7)....Me continuing to thrash around in I.V. League (5.7). Despite its modest rat...Julie climbs up Emergency Entrance (5.6+) to clean up the anchor, completin...
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