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Navajo Peak - Niwot Ridge
August 26, 2007

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View into the South Saint Vrain Creek Basin (ringed by Shoshoni, Apache, an...There were all kinds of experiments set up all over Niwot Ridge - quadrats ...Chris checks out the Tundra Cam....A closeup view of the Tundra Cam....Stupid Boulder hippies and their rules... won't let me climb in their water...View of Kiowa Peak - one of the off-limits summits in the Boulder Watershed...Me and Chris hiking along the gentle, tundra section of Niwot Ridge....Me and Chris beginning the pleasant scrambling along Niwot Ridge.  It was m...Chris and Fabio scrambling along Niwot Ridge....Chris and Fabio scrambling along Niwot Ridge....This was some of the best scrambling on Niwot Ridge - downclimbing this per...Chris and Fabio on a fun class 3 section of Niwot Ridge....Chris and Fabio on a fun, exposed, class 3 section of Niwot Ridge....More scrambling on Niwot Ridge.  The off-limits Boulder Watershed is behind...Niwot Ridge mellowed as we passed Airplane Gully and approached the final p...View of Arikaree Peak - another off-limits peak because it's in the Boulder...Chris makes his way up Navajo Peak with Niwot Ridge stretching out behind....Fabio and Chris negotiating a fun little chimney thing just below the summi...Fabio and Chris admire Navajo Peak's rugged west side, Dicker's Peck, and t...View of Arikaree Peak and North Arapaho Peak from the summit of Navajo Peak...Chris and Fabio examine the wreckage in Airplane Gully...Some molten metal....The engine....A seatbelt buckle I think....Looking up into Airplane Gully....Navajo Peak on the left and a false summit of Apache Peak on the right....There was a lot of wreckage further down the slope below Airplane Gully....Looking down the valley at Lake Isabelle....One last rest break before the march back to the trailhead.  Navajo Peak is...
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