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Otis Peak - Flour Power Couloir
May 30, 2009

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Brian and Fabio take a snack break at The Loch....Brian and Fabio traverse back into the center of the couloir after negotiat...Fabio and Brian working their way up the couloir....Fabio and Brian enter the runnel that runs most of the length of the couloi...Fabio climbs the short, wet water ice step....Brian climbs above the water ice step....Fabio and Brian in the couloir....Brian and Fabio continue onwards....Fabio and Brian climb about 3/4ths of the way up the couloir where it begin...Fabio climbs along a snow ridge near the top of the couloir....Fabio and Brian near the top of the couloir....Fabio tops out of the couloir not 20 meters east of the summit of Otis Peak...
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